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What do parents have to say?
Here are just a few of their Kumon reviews.

What do Kumon’s virtual classes entail?

With many states still limiting business operations, Kumon North America has implemented a phased reopening for centers. Following their state’s reopening guidelines, centers will be offering a mix of virtual and in-center classes that will limit the number of students in our centers and promote proper social distancing precautions. The virtual classes are being held via videoconferencing where students complete the assigned work from the comfort of their home while a certified Instructor or assistant is available for assistance. Consultants are also available by phone or email. Since many of our centers are independently owned and operated, please check with your local center about their virtual learning protocol and availability. For additional details regarding our centers’ safety and social distancing guidelines, please see the “What is Kumon doing to keep my kids safe while they are at the center?” section in the FAQs.

What is Kumon doing to keep my kids safe while they are at the center?

As centers begin to reopen for in-center classes, Kumon North America has implemented strict safety guidelines which include:

  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces
  • Scheduling students to prevent overcrowding
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Providing a mix of in-center and virtual classes at participating centers to limit class sizes
  • Spacing out the desks and implementing staggered seating
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Checking temperatures upon entry
  • Wearing masks

How does Kumon work?

In the Kumon Program, students learn through daily practice of about 30 minutes per subject per day. Two days a week they complete assignments at their Kumon Center, and the other days they do them at home, or wherever life takes them. When you first enroll your children, we’ll have them complete a placement test that identifies the most appropriate starting level for them. This has nothing to do with their age or grade in school; it’s about the skills they’ve mastered to date. Based on their starting level, they’ll work on daily assignments through what we call a self-learning approach. As they’re working on their assignments, we’re also assessing whether they’ve mastered each concept by looking at their speed and accuracy. If they’ve mastered it, great! They advance to the next level. If they haven’t, we have them go back to relearn those concepts.

How is Kumon different from traditional teaching?

Kumon is based on the concept of self-learning. To understand self-learning, it’s important to first understand what we’re all familiar with, which is traditional learning. In the classroom environment, your children are often passive learners. They may be sitting in class, but are they always fully engaged and paying attention? There’s no guarantee they’re grasping every lesson being taught.

As preschoolers, your children are generally learning by doing, but there is no consistency or complete plan for their learning. If they catch something, great! If not, do you know what they missed?

Conversely, self-learning in Kumon ensures your children are always actively engaged. They learn by studying examples, which empowers them to do the work on their own. This differs from sitting in front of a teacher—or a tutor—listening to them explain how to solve the problem. Your children learn by doing, not watching, and build the confidence to rely on themselves instead of what the teacher knows. Preschoolers pick up on self-learning easily, becoming more focused, independent learners.

What kind of progress can I expect for my child?

Every child is different. Children advance at their own pace through their individualized lesson plan. Since each worksheet teaches a lesson that’s one step more advanced than the previous one, children fully absorb each concept before moving on. That’s a big part of why Kumon works for kids of all abilities and ages. And why so many of our preschoolers enter kindergarten with an academic advantage.

What are the Instructors’ qualifications?

All of our Instructors are required to have a bachelor’s degree, and all have completed extensive Kumon curriculum training.

What is my role as a parent?

The most important step you can take is to help your children establish a routine by scheduling daily “Kumon time.” To encourage your children, you’ll want to celebrate and praise victories and progress, no matter how small. Younger children will need some extra guidance from you in completing worksheets. You will also want to maintain regular communication with your Instructor about homework, motivation, curriculum or any other major activity in your children’s lives. The Instructor is there for you, as well as your children, and shares your goal to help your children succeed.

What does Kumon cost?

Kumon’s monthly tuition ranges from $120 to $160 per subject. Kumon Centers are individually owned and operated therefore costs may vary. Please contact your local Kumon Center to confirm monthly tuition rates.

How do I enroll my child?

The first step is to meet with your Kumon Instructor at your local Kumon Center. Click here to find a Center near you. At that appointment, your Kumon Instructor will provide further information on how the Kumon Program works and answer your questions. Your children will also complete our free assessment test, which helps your Kumon Instructor determine the perfect starting point for them. You should plan on spending between 45 and 60 minutes at the Parent Orientation.

Answering Your Questions

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"We love Kumon! Saw immediate results and improvement; so glad we found Kumon!!" – Denise, Austin

"I have been bringing my children here for a couple of years now. All I can say is, if you want your kids to learn good study habits and get ahead of the crowd in school, this is perfect for you." – Manny, Texas

"My son needed help in math, so when I saw the new Kumon driving by, I wanted to check it out... It was a great experience, and I have to say, after only five months my son received a math award at school—this was a great reward for him and such a boost for his confidence! I have to add that this has made him more independent in doing all his homework, and that only took several weeks... You have to try it, it's the best investment you can make for your child!" – Debi, California

"Math has been so intimidating and difficult for my daughter. My daughter is now 12, and I cannot believe that she happily tells me that her favorite subject is math!!! Now she has confidence in math and gets A’s in math at middle school. This would not be the same if she did not have a foundation from Kumon. Thank you to every single instructor at Kumon!!" – Kimi, Washington

"We are so happy with the results we've seen in just a few short months! Our daughter is reading with confidence now! :)" – Autumn, Kentucky

"It's some of the best money we have spent on our son. Homework is not a nightly battle any longer because he understands what he's doing." – TL, Ohio

"My daughter has been coming here for two months, and her grades have improved significantly in school! Students experience success at any age or level. Highly recommended!" – Amaris, Miami

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Hear from Kumon Instructor, Bhamini, as she shares what your preschoolers can learn in Kumon’s Reading Program to get them on the fast track to kindergarten!

Kumon Instructor, Bhamini, reveals how Kumon can take your preschooler from the very basics of identifying numbers to addition and subtraction. The mental math skills Kumon kids develop will impress you!

Laura, Kumon Instructor, shares how Kumon helps preschoolers get ready for kindergarten - even building skills like focus and confidence!

*Enroll between 2/1/21 and 3/15/21 to waive the Registration Fee of up to $50. The Registration Fee includes services such as processing, student evaluation and lesson plan development. Registration Fee waiver only valid at participating Kumon Math and Reading Centers. Most Kumon Centers are independently owned and operated. Additional fees may apply. See Center for applicable terms and conditions.

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Here’s what to expect with Kumon

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We start by evaluating your preschoolers’ needs

When you meet with your local Kumon Instructor, they will have your kids complete a placement worksheet. They will look for more than familiarity with letters and numbers. They will go deeper to see what skills your preschoolers still need to develop to be successful students in kindergarten and beyond. Plan on spending about an hour with the Instructor for this initial orientation.


Our colorful, engaging worksheets will take your preschoolers step-by-step through math and reading concepts. This assures you that they are absorbing every bit of knowledge they need, now and as they continue in Kumon. You’ll be able to rely on the Kumon Method to take them from vowel sounds to Shakespeare and from counting to calculus, keeping them at their best throughout their school years.

Once enrolled in Kumon, your preschoolers begin our ingeniously designed system of worksheets

Kumon daily schedule

Both at the Kumon Center and at home, your preschoolers will move through the Kumon Math and Reading Program bit by bit, building on the previous days’ work. This consistency allows them to progress at their own pace and receive the full benefits of the Kumon Method.

Your preschoolers progress with daily “Kumon time”

Consistency yields benefits to brag about

With daily practice, you’ll see your preschoolers’ academic skills advance over time. The daily repetition also instills what they need beyond academics—things you may not realize your kids should be learning. For example, how holding a pencil properly will help them write more efficiently in the future, how looking through their worksheets before they start will help them learn how to plan and how following examples will help them become problem-solvers. Even goal setting is instilled in your kids!

100% grade

Ultimately, your kids will become self-learners, gaining more and more self-confidence and skill as they advance in Kumon. As parents, you can be confident that your preschoolers will enter kindergarten with an academic advantage and the skills essential for learning.

Kumon Preschoolers Develop into Confident Students—With Confident Parents!

Ready to talk with an Instructor?

Kumon has definitely helped Austin get to where he is now. He’s putting compound words together, reading full sentences, reading books. This is not something he learned in preschool, nor did I teach him this at home. I’m just amazed as I watch him read through paragraphs, and I know that this could not have been the case if he had not been in the program.

mom to 4-year-old Austin

happy Kumon student
Kumon pencil case
Kumon student and instructor

Start kindergarten with an academic advantage

While speaking comes naturally from hearing language, math and reading must be taught, step-by-step.

  • In the Kumon Reading Program, preschoolers advance from letters and sounds to forming words and reading sentences, with nothing missed in between.
  • In the Kumon Math Program, they advance incrementally from recognizing and writing numbers to addition and subtraction, ensuring they learn exactly what they need.

With the Kumon Math and Reading Program, you can be confident your kids are academically ready for kindergarten.

Develop the positive behaviors teachers expect

Kumon prepares preschoolers for kindergarten by developing skills essential to learning. Kumon parents tell us they see their kids developing increased focus and attention spans. Others are excited to see their kids persevering to complete tasks like never before. The ability to pay attention, listen to direction and focus helps preschoolers succeed and stand out in kindergarten and beyond.

Learn valuable skills not taught in school

Some skills needed in kindergarten can be missed in a traditional preschool program. From proper pencil holding to organizational skills to perseverance, Kumon will enhance your kids’ preschool experiences by teaching skills that contribute to long-term success.

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Did you know that 85% of a child’s brain development happens by age 5?

The Kumon Math and Reading Program | Give your preschoolers the best start to their learning | Ages 3+ | Free Registration* Save up to $50!

With early childhood education being so crucial, now is the time to enroll your preschoolers in Kumon.

Kumon helps your preschoolers build important classroom skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond. Daily practice with colorful, engaging worksheets fuels their growing brains and develops their early math, reading and writing skills.

With options for in-center and virtual classes (at select centers), our Kumon Instructors are ready to help get you and your preschoolers started on their very first Kumon Worksheets! Just find a center near you!

Here’s what to expect with
The Kumon Math and Reading Program

Talk with us about options
for in-center or virtual
classes (at select centers)

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The Kumon Math and Reading Program | Give your preschoolers the best start to their learning | Ages 3+